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Hands-Off Wealth Building:

Your Guide to Self-Storage Investing


Bishop Investing Group

We are a real estate investment firm that matches qualified investors with investment opportunities in value-add multifamily, self-storage, and manufactured housing communities. Our goal is to help investors passively grow generational wealth through investments in commercial real estate assets that deliver attractive, risk-adjusted returns.

By partnering with several seasoned Operators across multiple asset classes, we deliver on this goal by offering strong deal flow which provides opportunities for geographical and asset class diversification. Our underwriting model places an emphasis on capital preservation and downside protection, while providing consistent cash distributions to investors and building their equity through a precise value-add implementation strategy.


Syndication Leverage

Discover the power of syndication in self-storage investing. Harness the strength of collective capital to access larger, lucrative investment opportunities. Minimize individual risk, enjoy professionally managed, passive income, and realize potentially higher returns. All while sharing the costs of acquisition and management.

Tax- Advantaged Investing

Supercharge your wealth growth with Tax-Advantaged Self-Storage Investments. From depreciation write-offs to 1031 Exchanges, Opportunity Zones, and favorable capital gains tax rates - discover how smart investing in self-storage facilities can significantly minimize your tax burden. Optimize your profits and put your money to work more efficiently with strategic tax planning. Always consult with a tax professional to maximize these benefits.

Capital Appreciation

Unleash the power of Capital Appreciation. Whether it's through strategic property improvements, boosting occupancy rates, or capitalizing on favorable market dynamics, see your investment grow in value over time. Combine this with steady rental income, and you're looking at a potent mix for robust returns. With a Self-Storage Investment, not only do your profits build, but so does your wealth.

Recession Resistant

Find stability amidst economic uncertainty with Recession-Resistant Self-Storage Investments. Benefit from the ever-present demand for storage space, whether times are booming or challenging. From downsizing during tough times to the constant flux of life events - self-storage investing stands resilient. Combine this with low operational costs and flexible rental agreements, and you have an investment built for all seasons. Experience the security and confidence that comes with self-storage investing.


Embrace the power of strategic diversification with self-storage property investing. These unique assets offer a winning combination of steady cash flow, appreciable asset value, and significant tax benefits. While other real estate sectors can fluctuate, the self-storage business often maintains robust demand regardless of economic conditions, making it a resilient investment choice. Navigate the investment landscape with informed confidence, leveraging our experienced guidance. From assessing location and occupancy rates to understanding market demands, we’re here to help you invest intelligently. With lower operational costs and the potential for high returns, investing in self-storage facilities is your smart move toward financial growth. Optimize your wealth-building strategy – invest in self-storage units the smart way.


Bishop Investing Group

Your Trusted Partner for Success

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer volume of investment information on your feed every day? Struggling to trust operators or make sense of investment vehicles outside of traditional real estate and stock markets? Feel a deep-seated belief that investment success should come naturally given your financial acumen? You are not alone. We’ve been there, we’ve felt that, we’ve lived that. That’s why Bishop Investing Group exists.

At Bishop Investing Group, we understand your challenges because we’ve walked in your shoes. With nearly 40 successful deals under our belt, our experience is vast, varied, and targeted to your needs. We’ve navigated the complex terrain of self-storage investing and built relationships with seasoned operators across multiple asset classes and geographical locations. Our focus is you – the investor.

Here's how we help you reach your investment goals:

Connect with us
Jump on a call to learn about the operators and opportunities we provide. We’ll listen to understand your specific needs, from investment lifecycle to preferred asset class and geographical location.

Personalized Opportunities
Once we understand your investment goals, we’ll add you to our distribution list and send you targeted deal suggestions that align with your preferences.

Invest and Earn
Once you find an opportunity that sparks your interest, we’ll provide all the information you need to invest confidently. After your investment, sit back, and start earning.

Stay Informed
We’ll provide regular updates on your investment performance, ensuring you’re always in the loop about your financial growth.

Avoid the pitfalls of keeping your money stagnant or in low-yield stocks. Prevent the risk of working longer than you need to. We’re here to help you leverage your self-storage investment to its full potential, offering attractive, risk-adjusted returns.

Embrace the journey from feeling overwhelmed and unsure, to feeling confident and successful in your investments. Join our repeat investors who have transformed their investment portfolio and built generational wealth passively through our value-add multifamily, self-storage, and manufactured housing opportunities.

Your success story begins here. Reach out to Bishop Investing Group today – your trusted guide.


Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

In the context of self-storage investment, ‘Hands-off’ means that you, as a self-storage investor, are not directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the self-storage facility. Your investment is managed by professional operators, allowing you to enjoy the returns passively. This means you invest your money and let the experienced operators handle management tasks such as maintenance, customer service, and marketing.
Investing in Self-storage facilities contributes to wealth-building in several ways. It can provide consistent cash flow through rental income, the potential appreciation in property value over time, and significant tax benefits. Self-storage units often maintain stable demand even in economic downturns, thus providing reliable returns compared to more volatile investment options.
When investing in self-storage units, key factors to consider include location, occupancy rates, market demand, and the experience of the operating team. self-storage investing can be lucrative due to its lower operational costs compared to other real estate investments, its resilience during economic downturns, and the potential for both cash flow and value appreciation. The self-storage business is stable.
As with any investment, self-storage investing comes with risks such as market fluctuation, changes in demand, and potential mismanagement. However, these risks can be mitigated by thorough due diligence, investing with experienced operators, diversifying your investment portfolio, and focusing on facilities in high-demand locations.
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