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We are a real estate investment firm that matches qualified investors with investment opportunities in value-add multifamily, self-storage and manufactured housing communities. Our goal is to help investors passively grow generational wealth through investments in commercial real estate assets that deliver attractive, risk adjusted returns.

By partnering with several seasoned Operators across multiple asset classes, we deliver on this goal by offering strong deal flow which provides opportunities for geographical and asset class diversification. Our underwriting model places an emphasis on capital preservation and downside protection, while providing consistent cash distributions to investors and building their equity through a precise value-add implementation strategy.

“Our mission is to help investors obtain financial freedom and grow generational wealth through passive investments in alternative real estate niches.”

- Mike Bishop, Founder.

Niche Strenghts

No longer reserved for the financial elite, Bishop Investing Group offers investors the opportunity to passively grow wealth through strategic investments in commercial real estate assets. Leverage our niche expertise to diversify your portfolio and maximize your returns.  


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Unlock the potential of commercial real estate investment and brighten your financial prospects. Invest in your future with us today and build generational wealth with our proven investment opportunities. Start your investment journey today!



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Current Offerings

Industrial Fund

A unique and productive diversification opportunity that offers steady cash flow and fixed rent increases, this fund consists of industrial warehouses, factories and more occupied by $100M+ revenue businesses.

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      Investing In Commercial Multifamily Properties The Smart Way

      We are a real estate investment firm that matches qualified investors with investment opportunities in value-add multifamily, self-storage and manufactured housing communities.


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      Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

      The answer to this question will vary by Sponsor; each has their own history and business structure, and thus a different track record. To speak to our Sponsors specifically, we only partner with what we firmly believe to be the most top notch Sponsors in their niche who hold high values, place focus first and foremost on Limited Partners (LPs) (i.e. capital preservation and downside protection), and have a strong history of performance. If you would like to see a more specific break down of each of our five Sponsors, I will gladly send you a one pager if you request it via email.

      The most common answer to that question is yes. Sponsors will invest alongside LPs in their own deals to show alignment, not to mention they are also interested in the strong returns they are projecting. As to small investment amounts; some of our Sponsors annual deal flow is very strong, they’re not only doing one or two deals a year like most individual investors are, they might be doing 5 or 10! $50K in 5 or 10 different deals in a year equates to $250-$500K over the year! That’s not exactly a small amount. Another aspect to consider is that many Sponsors are the guarantor on the secured loan for the property, thus facilitating the need for a liquid personal balance sheet.

      The answer to this question varies. But, more often than not, syndicated deals are structured as 506(b) under SEC Regulation D with no spots for non-accredited/sophisticated investors. See my blog on the topic here for a more in depth look.

      Typical hold strategy is 3-7 year hold with an average of 5 years. Most Sponsors have a clause in the legal docs that allow for a longer hold period (say 100 years). The reason that this is so exaggerated is so that we are at no point forced to sell by outside factors. Our goal is to optimize value and this allows us to hold through a down market and wait until the market has recovered.

      I advise that an investment in our deals should be considered an illiquid investment. That being said, we operate in good faith and will work with LPs to try to find a solution if they need to get out of the investment due to a particular life event. However, there are no guarantees.

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