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Bishop Investing Group provides investors with opportunities to create wealth through residential and commercial real estate. Michael Bishop spearheads the mission and vision of the firm. Michael and his strategic and other partners, together, have over two decades of real estate, asset management, and capital raising experience. Since 2017, Bishop Investing Group has partnered with investors and operators alike to create a diversified commercial real estate portfolio with a current valuation of over $1.2 billion with 31 projects and counting in over 15 states across the country.


We are a real estate investment firm that matches qualified investors with investment opportunities in value-add multifamily, self-storage and manufactured housing communities.

Our TEam

Michael Bishop

Founder | Principal

Michael is a successful business owner who is active in the commercial real estate syndication space.

David Thompson

Strategic Partner
David is a Strategic Partner and Advisor for Bishop Investing Group. He is the founder of Thompson Investing …

Michael Bishop

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David Thompson

Strategic Partner Read More


What we do

Our Model

Our Mission

Bishop Investing Group aims to help individuals create and grow wealth passively through real estate investing. Opportunities in the real estate market are limitless, but like any worthwhile investment, it takes a considerable amount of time and experience to realize profitable returns. Bishop Investing Group acknowledges the value of our investment partner’s time and works to develop a structure and partnerships that aim to potentially generate returns with less effort than many other investment vehicles.

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Our Vision

We aim to create a sustainable and less time-intensive investing environment for our investor partners. Here, your money works for you, as a team of investment and real estate professionals manages your asset(s) to improve the potential for profitability. In fact, after completing required legal documents and funding an investment, you may choose to just sit back and watch your investments work for you.

Real estate continues to be a viable investment vehicle for those seeking to build generational wealth. Bishop Investing Group was conceived to allow our investor partners to take advantage of the financial opportunities available in the commercial real estate market. Michael and team understand what it takes to create and manage successful real estate investments. Our vision is to help you fulfill your investment goals and desires, and ultimately help individuals and their families buy back some of their time.

Our Business Model

Bishop Investing Group and our Operator partners take a prudent approach to our investment strategy and criteria. Together, via thorough due diligence, we identify and assess assets that have the potential to yield attractive and risk-adjusted returns, before presenting it as an opportunity to you, so that you don’t have to.

As an investor partner, you expect your investment to be prioritized in vibrant growth markets and locations experiencing significant growth and strong fundamentals. Our strategy prioritizes markets that provide opportunities for repositioning, value-addition, and rebranding of real estate projects, while also focusing on key factors such as organic rent growth, population growth, employment data, financing terms, and more. Therefore, your investment can potentially tap into an attractive upside potential while simultaneously reducing downside risk.


Invest With Us Today

Ready for an opportunity to earn passive income? Does the possibility of creating generational wealth interest you? Then the real estate market is a potentially viable investment choice for you. As a property investor, it is necessary to strategically diversify your portfolio in order to shield your money from possible market volatility and increase the likelihood of maximizing profits. 

Bishop Investing Group would like to help you grow your wealth through multifamily, self storage, mobile home park and industrial real estate investments. But, more importantly, your investment should have the potential to return passive income, allowing you to expand your financial horizon. The potential of lucrative returns and generational wealth awaits you!


Investing in real estate carries some risks which may include unexpected rise in interest rates, lower than expected occupancy and the operator’s failure to execute the renovation and rental increase business plan. Real estate investments are also illiquid meaning there is no readily available market for an investor to sell their interest in a real estate syndication. Investors are typically required to be deemed an accredited investor.

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